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Meet the Table


Ara and Ardred

Tiefling Twins

Ara and Ardred are twins, but they couldn't be more different. Ara is an angry bard that prefers to fight then interact with the party. Ardred would rather play the drums!! Born and raised in Nowt, a secretive tiefling town, they learned to sing (and fight) from fending for themselves on the streets. Ardred loves gold more than the performance, but Ara could sing all day without a bit of pay.

Ardred is voiced by TK. Ara is voiced by Kate.

Delia Nordberg

Elvin Ranger

Delia is voiced by Liz



Human Slave

Sala was born in the small town of Taran to a loving mother and father. Unfortunately, she was taken from her home when a band of dragonborns took her from her mother, who was killed, and her father, who seems to have something to do with her kidnapping... She was raised by the slaves she worked with, her only memory of her mother being her staff, the words Never Surrender carved into the magic stick. Sala was freed by Delia and refuses to leave her side. She is quiet, but very passive aggressive. She despises dragonborns and cages, but feels more comfortable in chains, strangely enough.

Sala is voiced by AJ


The Maniacal DM

Mara is the DM this time around. You may know her from her time as Atlas. Atlas still joins us for the intros and outros of the episodes(apparently he got stuck here with Nogard and Velocity while trying to find Shifter.)

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