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Ky, keemo'tyar!!

Ky, keemo'tyar!! If you've already listened to the latest episode you know this means "hello, friends" in whatever mysterious language is spoken by our changeling child, Yama. We had to postpone our amazing new segment another week because of health and weather. Remote recording this week. But we do have this amazing art drawn by out very own Mara Reed!!

Nogard the dragonborn gives Yama one last hug before they embark on their journey.

I don't now about you, but in my opinion this episode was the best one so far!! If you'd like to see more of Yama let me know!! But I can almost guarantee more with this young girl. My table fell in love with her the moment she appeared!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this latest episode!! leave a comment, review, or email me!! If you liked the show share with the player at your D&D table that has died the most. And get them a pair of socks while you're at it. There are some hilarious D&D socks out there!! Konk valam, keemo'tyar!!(Thank you, friends!!)

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