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May The 4th Be With You, My Geek Friends!!

This week's episode was great! The fantasy food this week was more like Sci-fi foods, Colubica bars from the Planet of Tatooine to celebrate May 4.(AJ here... I totally forgot to take a picture of the lemon bars, but here's the link!! Sorry...) Add about three tbsp of lemon zest to make the lemon pop more.

The team saved Ardred from becoming the prince's royal bard. And we saved the castle staff from hearing his... "poetry." Now they're on their way to stop a mass enslavement in the town of Kara’s Vale!

Yes, we ended early again today. But we're planning a fun, big project to share with you all!! We are always committed to bring you family friendly content once a week, but sometimes the family friendly content is just... a little shorter than usual. You'll forgive us later when you hear what we've been working on!!

So until next week, rate and review on apple podcasts, share us with the most Sci-fi-ish person you know, and May the 4th be with you!!

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