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Outlaws Of The Iron Route

The last episode of the campaign is past now, and I am so proud of myself and my table. And all of you who stuck through it and continued listening!! I'm so grateful for each and everyone of you.

This campaign was created by the amazing Will Doyle and his team. We got no money or nothin for it, we just did it for fun. My goal for this podcast is to create memories and laughs with totally clean, family friendly content. Money is nice, listeners are good, but in the end the only thing I care about is my table. And they had a blast. I hope y'all will reach out to me one day and tell me what YOU think!! But until then I'll just have to thank you in general!! Y'all really are the best, even though you don't say anything to me!! Mara is running the next campaign, so you'll be hearing more from her than me from now on. I'm still here, though, and if you do email me I'll be the one you talk to!!

Send me art, ideas for the next death prize, anything and everything!!

Pictures below are the Death Socks and our failed Fantasy Food!! I totally forgot to take a picture of the Fairy Randomthingberry Dust-muffins, though. So make them yourself and send us pictures!!

If you liked the podcast rate and review!! We'll shout you out on the podcast!! Elizabeth really wants to shout you out. If you loved the podcast share with a friend who always walks down memory lane the most. Thanks, y'all, and we'll talk to you next week!!

Here's the links for the recipes:

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