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Updated: Jan 31, 2022


Greetings from beautiful Arizona!! Sorry for the delay on the episode

release. I'm on vacation, but I managed to squeeze in some edit/blog time between visiting family. The episode this week was absolutely terrifying and so much fun!! The first picture you see is or quith-pa and the extra cinnamon. You can find the recipe in the official D&D Cookbook, Heroes Feast. These things are delicious, made even better with a Cookie Dice touch of ground cinnamon and pure laughter.

If you listened all the way to the end then you heard the outtake!! Good for you!! We do those in every episode and they do have meaning. Other than being funny, they add the story sometimes. Mostly, though, they're just hilarious. But we do make jokes in podcast episodes that you won't understand if you don't listen to them!! Like Death Socks!! That's why I'm asking for sock ideas. Currently TK/Nogard is in the lead for the Socks. so if you see any socks online that would be great for Nogard, email me!!

In this last episode we kind of teased something new coming. Not the geek stuff. That's all nonsense. But before that!! If you didn't catch it, Mara will soon be DMing for us!! She's planning a campaign as you read this and it's going to be so fun!! It won't be happening for a few months, but if y'all have any ideas to help her, email me!! Guys, there are so many things you can email me about. So send me something!! I want to hear from you, my keemo'tyar!!

Keemo'tyar, we need your help!! If you have a minute between D&D sessions, could you rate and review on Apple Podcast you will have our eternal thanks!! And a shout out on the podcast!! Y'all mean the world to us and we want you to know that!! In fact, if you send me pictures I will post it here or make it an episode cover art!! And, of course, give you credit on our show!!

Guys, we want to do more with this podcast, but we can't if no one is listening. No, we don't have any social media accounts, but we're working on it. But if you could speed up the process by talking about us with your friends and family it'd mean the world to us. We want to keep making episodes and Mara has some big ideas for what we can do for you, our audience, but we can't do anything if you don't do something for us. I'd like to get to know you better. Tell me what you want to hear from us. What kind of campaigns do you want us to do? What kind of characters? Are there any fun episode ideas you want us to do?

Thanks for listening!! If you'd be so kind to share with the character at your table that does almost nothing ever(yes, Raph. I'm talking about you) we'd be so grateful!! You guys are the best!! Thanks again. We'll see you next week.

Here's a picture of Atlas in his mask. Told you it looked super cool!!

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