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Ki, keemo'tyar!! I'm back from my vacation and going right back to work!! This is our Elvin Cherry Bread we ate

this week!! It was delicious!! The recipe is, once again, in the Official D&D Cookbook. If you guys have any recipe's you want us to make let me know!! We'd love to try it!! Just email me through the contact page!! We want fan art, recipes, feedback, questions, anything!! I want to her from you. I swear I'm not scary. Your email will not be shared with anyone. It's completely anonymous. I'd love to communicate with my audience and right now this is the only way to do so.

There is a poll on Spotify for something special happening next month, so check that out!! I want collaboration on that!! And there will be a very fun and special episode if you guys manage to double our listener count!! Share with everybody!! Your friends, your enemies, your frienemies, the random person at the grocery store that accidentally started a conversation with you!! Do not let them walk away until you've told them about the amazingness that is this podcast!! We appreciate all of it!!

If you liked this rate and review on apple podcast!! If you loved this podcast than share this podcast with the person at your table that randomly rolls their dice the most!!

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