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Two Dice Cakes

I'm sorry I'm so late posting last week's Fantasy Food!! We made the d6 cake, flavored blueberry and lemon. We couldn't find the original recipe we used, but here is a lemon pound cake recipe for you to try. The frosting is blueberry.

This week's d8 cake was pure vanilla, with orange frosting, flavored with jello. Here's the recipe we used.

Friendly tip, NEVER EVER make frosting with Stevia. (picture below)

Keemo t'yar, we have a big announcement!! We have an instagram account!! Find us @FamFriendlyPod. You can see a video of us making our d8 cake there!! You'll also get to see updates for other podcasts including Cookie Dice, C.T.P. - Contain, Train, Preserve, and The Creator's Workshop, which will be dropping next Monday!!!

You do NOT want to know what that tasted like....

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