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We're back!!

Hey, y'all!! We're back!! I know I don't post on here often, mostly because very few people look at it. But we need to post this Snufflesaur Poop treat!! Guys, this stuff was so good, but it looks HORRIBLE!!! Just ask TK!! Here's the picture!! Anywho, we're doing a bit of rebranding over here, so big news coming soon!! AND CTP is still happening, but it is being kind of pushed back right now because we get busy!! So, let me know what you want to see next!! Email us or comment here on how disgusting this looks!! And share with a friend who really has a hard time with riddles... We might need to teach TK some good riddles...

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You can find the pictures of our flagnard on our Instagram @FamFriendlyPod. You can also see our almost-meringue Fantasy Fail. Here's a link to a flagnarde recipe, but I couldn't find the one we used.


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