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Welcome Home, Atlas!!

This week was a little different, Atlas finally got back to his world after they tried going around the fourth wall, and over it, and through it, they finally managed to go under it, but lost their memories of this world in the process so that's kinda sad. But they finally found Shifter in limbo and got home! So make sure to tell your friend that if you ever want to get past the fourth wall go under it! Rate and review on an apple and send us some stars! See ya all next week!

We have a very special announcement!! We have our first sponsor of the podcast!! Sunflower Care Packages is a company that prepares and ships custom made cancer care packages that are affordable and fill specific needs for the cancer patient. You can get colored wristbands to show your support for your loved one. There are coloring books for the children, chocolate, and crocheted beanies. Or chemo caps for those with sensitive skin. You can read more about the founder's story here. And if you use code Cookiedice22 at checkout you'll get 10% off your order. I hope you enjoy!!

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