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We do a lot of homebrew on our podcast. The system, the games, and a lot of the races and creatures. There are even a recipes that we create. And this is the home for it all!!

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Fairy Cakes

From the episode Faye Roulette, these are our amazing fairy cakes. In the game they can either help you or make you feel like you've lost your mind, depending on how well you roll. With this recipe, however, you can either have an amazing cupcake filled with fruit and chocolate, or a cupcake with hot sauce and carrots. But the cake it really good!!

Find the recipe here.

Stan Snot Spider

A stan, as this strange race is called, a considered one of the grossest creatures in the world. That being said, Kate still insists it's both cute and useful.

Read more here.


The Snufflesaur

The snufflesaur is a large creature that loves to eat the faye creatures of the forest where they originate. This is one of Andrew's least favorite creatures.

Read more here. 

Bahamut's Breath


Original Music and Parodies

You may have noticed that we really like to sing. Randomly. Or maybe you haven't and now you're confused!! Either way, we love music. And we often accidentally write parodies. And then we do it on purpose, but better!! And this is where each of our parodies live.


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