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Outlaws Of The Iron Route Table

Nogard Dlog

Dragonborn Cleric

Nogard Dlog is a blue dragonborn cleric who worships Bahamut, the God of dragons. He feels no loyalty to his tribe, as they left him in the forest when he was young. He was raised by monks and worshipers of Bahamut. When the story stars he is traveling the countryside on a mission for his deity.

Nogard Dlog is voiced by TK

Atlas Heldar

Changeling Rouge

Atlas Heldar is a recently discovered changeling. He was 'born' to a royal family by the name of Helm Dungragon. Atlas wears a cloak that can change colors on demand. He is easily distracted, but you can never stay angry at him for long. He also has a pet psudeodragon named Shifter who loves shiny things. He begins this story searching

for work in the city of Phlan.

Atlas Heldar is voiced by Mara Reed

Resized95 (1)_edited.jpg
Resized_2 (2)_edited.jpg
Atlas Heldar(human form)
Paex(changeling form)
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Hitsfitz Ianni Fiddlefirn

Gnome Wizard

This gnome left his home at a very young age to become a wizards apprentice. When he had learned all he wanted to he left to learn more on is own. Turning his attention to his hobbies, he became a guild artisan. As the self proclaimed 'greatest woodcarver,' he starts this story peddling his wares in the city of Phlan.

Hitsfitz Ianni Fiddlefirn is voiced by Andrew Reed

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Velocity Foxtail

Fairy Barbarian

This young fairy tends to be slightly violent, but she always has her teams interests at heart. Always armed with an axe and whole lot of fairy cakes, this sassy faye is always ready for a little kick-butt and whole lot of laughter. Just don't call her short or you'll end up with fairy cakes shoved down your throat. She has a great love for all animals(except bunny rabbits.) Velocity was born in the far north and decided she wanted to explore. Which is what she was doing at the beginning of our campaign.

Velocity Foxtail is voiced by Kate Reed.

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Raphael Fulbinder

Human Fighter

Raphael is a human fighter with a simple life of fighting and defense. Born and raised in the city of Phlan, he joined the Black Fist militia as soon as he was able. He was forced to join this party by his superiors. He immediately tried to kill Nogard and got his arm cut off. He's a "attack now, ask questions later" kind of soldier. One of these days it might come back to bite him...

Raphael Fulbinder is voiced by Kaleb Hymas


The Maniacal DM

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Hello all!! I am your DM, AJ. I'm starting off very new as we begin. I'm running an amazing impov campaign based on the D&D system and the Dungeon World system, in case that's something you're interested in. We're fairly new to this world of TTRPG, but so far I think it's going well. And we're having so much fun!!

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