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Draw the Snufflesaur

Ki, keemo'tyar!! Welcome in, welcome in!! If you're new then an especially big welcome!! There was no Fantasy Food this week, so no picture. But, speaking of pictures!! We have our first drawing contest in March!! Starting right now!! Draw the Snufflesaur!! For those unfamiliar with the Snufflesaur, go back and listen to the episode Not Friend. You can listen right here:

Anywho, we as a table will vote on the best drawing!! ALL artists will be shouted out on the show and our personal favorites will be featured in a blog post, but only one will be the winner. And the winner gets a special shout out, a sneak peak into the next drawing contest, and their drawing will be on the website permanently, on display right here: Email me the pictures at the contact page on this website!! Or click on this link:

Thanks to all who are listening and reading!! If you liked the episode, rate and review on Apple Podcasts!! We'll read the review on the show!! If you loved the episode share with your favorite sister!! Thanks again. We'll see you next week, keemo'tyar!!

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