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Hi friends! This week was great! The art contest is over and you can see the picture. We continued the campaign Ardred gets lost, Delia is an awesome guard, the girls almost clear out the whole prison before dying. Ta’challa makes a mysterious appearance. Ardred goes crazy after the loss of his sister, and finally kills all the guards (Just don't do the math). For fantasy foods we had cursed gingerbread-chickens that come alive and kill you so that was fun! Thanks so much for listening!! Make sure to rate and review on an apple! Catch some stars! And share with your friends and family!

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Flognard or Flaugnarde

You can find the pictures of our flagnard on our Instagram @FamFriendlyPod. You can also see our almost-meringue Fantasy Fail. Here's a link to a flagnarde recipe, but I couldn't find the one we used.


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