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It's the end...

This is the flatbread we made. I know it doesn't look appetizing, but they are!! I love this stuff!! Anywho, it's the

end!! And I'm so happy!! Of course we're going to have more D&D stuff. The next campaign will probably be Mara's!! TK might be doing a one-shot inbetween. We'll see. But the next campaign I do, I want it to be from one of y'all!! Email me!! I swear I won't steal your idea or take all the credit. You'll get a shout out on the show and your name will be on the website.

Don't forget about the drawing contest this month!! I want to see the beautiful art I know you guys can draw!! Email it to me!!

A huge thank you to all who listen and read these blog posts. I'm grateful to each of you. And I can personally thank you if you leave me a rating and review at Apple Podcasts. We'll give you a shout out on the show. Or share with one of your friends who'd be willing to leave a review so you don't have to!! Y'all are the best!!

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