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Sugar Kitty Cat Land

Ki, keemo'tyar!! Y'all are the best, you know that!! We've almost gotten double on our listener count!! Just a few more!! Then we'll do something fun for you, whether that be us being old for a few minutes, or writing a song, or a new theme song, etc. etc. If you have any ideas just email me!!

So... This is what our apples looked like before. And the below picture is what happened later. Due to time constraint and such we couldn't make the apples the same day and candy melts!! So if you make these, two suggestions. Eat them the same day and cut them up, then pour the candy on. It is so hard to bite into an apple covered in pure sugar.

Next week is the normal campaign!! And we're going to have another special guest, so stop by!! Can't wait!!

The poll on Spotify will be open for another two weeks!! Go to Faye Vibes on your phone and vote!! We'd be very appreciative!! Also, this campaign will be coming to an end and we're going to be awarding the Death Socks very soon!! What should we do next campaign? Comment on this blog post or email me!! If you liked the show rate and review on Apple Podcasts!! If you loved the show share with your most musical friend!! Thanks!! We'll see y'all next week!!

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