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Upcoming Events

Hey, y'all!! This is the pie we made this week!! It's delicious. Once again, we will not be posting the recipes. But!! If you have some dish you want us to make email me!! Send me a message. I always appreciate it. I also appreciate a rate and review on Apple Podcasts. We will read the review and shout you out on the show!!

But none of that matters right now because you're not hear for emailing!! You're hear because the title of this blog post says "Upcoming Events" and you're thinking, "What in the world is coming?" Well, I'll tell you!!

First off, there is a poll on Spotify!! Why, you ask? And even if you didn't I'm going to tell you. Because Mara is going to draw us a beautiful piece of artwork that we're going to put on the website. But she can't do that if no one votes to tell her what they want to see. Please go to our podcast on Spotify and go to the episode Faye Vibes. Underneath all the nifty-difty handy-dandy information is a poll!! Vote!! Please!!(by the way this does not work on a computer. If you are on a computer right now then grab your phone and find our podcast on Spotify please and thank you!!)

Secondly, we are so close to doubling our listeners count. If you're thinking, "I shared it with everyone, what's happening?" that means we have some slackers in our audience who need to be sharing. We have a few fun activities planned for when we reach double, one of which involving Scribbles the adorable kitty cat!!

Third!! There's in going to be an art contest!! I've been teasing this for two weeks now, but we can't officially start yet because of a few complications with the main story line. That was explained in the episode description though. If you haven't read that then go back and read it. However, as of right now, the art contest will begin on Febuary 25 of this year. It will go for one month, and then submissions will be closed. There will be a theme and a few rules, so get to sharpening all those pencils or whatever medium you use.

Thank you so much for listening to Cookie Dice. We really appreciate it. If you liked the episode share with the person at your table who cancels the most. Send them all our love and annoyance. We really do miss them when they're gone. They usually bring the snacks, too!!

(The Snufflesaur and the plizard will both be on the Homebrew tab of this website if you want to check that out, as well as the fairy cake recipe and Steve the stan snot spider.)

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